Current Project – currently building, an early-stage B2C Fintech Startup to plan and manage finances online. With Kapwise we are trying to solve for $20B financial health problem in India by giving to tools and services which historically has been available to Top 1%

Past Projects

Analysing microRNA Expression Data of Hepatacellular Carcinoma(HCC) Patients from The Cancer Genomic Atlas[TCGA]

Analyzed 400 Patients data from TCGA and implemented it in R and Python using ggplot, DESeq, etc.

Bigtable in C

Developed a high performance data storage system for storing petabytes of data implemented in C It is sparse, distributed, persistent, multidimensional in nature similiar to to Google’s Bigtable

Distributed Keyword Construction

Constructed the keywords of the corpus of the books based on TF_IDF implemented in C using openMP and Message Passing Interface(MPI) on a cluster of 5 nodes

3D Prosthetic Hand

Designed and developed a cost effective anthropomorphic prosthetic hand semi mechanical in nature fabricated using 3D printers for arm amputees

Predicting Mobile Phone Ratings using Google Trends

Predicted the rating of recently launched mobile phone based on certain mobile features and Google Trends frequencies using different machine learning algorithms

Simulation and Mathematical Modelling of Toll Plaza

Reduced and Optimized the operational costs and Man hours at the Toll Plaza by Simulating and Mathematical Modelling of Toll Plaza based on the data collected at the site

August 3, 2021